Active Shooter Drill Saturday in NE IA

ARLINGTON, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- First responders throughout Eastern Iowa prepared for the worst during an active shooter drill at Starmont High School in Arlington on Saturday.

During the drill, a shooter entered Starmont High School. The shooter then shot students, staff and sheriff’s deputies during the drill.

Paramedics were on scene to practice treating those that were fake wounded. Members of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office were able to locate the suspect and take him out in 9 minutes.

“That's good, you know it's a large building, large number of people participated in,’ said Sheriff Marty Fisher.” They had to look and search for the sound the gunfire was coming from.”

It was a drill that at times felt a little too real for students and staff taking part in it. "The loudness of the gun on the inside of the hallway was frightening,” said Superintendent for Starmont Community School District Troy Heller.

Officials say communication is something that needs to be improved on. "The radio systems we have in this area has given us little issues, but that's just equipment, and it's not really just a manpower issue,” said Fisher.

In an active shooter situation, the school district would work with first responders on getting the information out to the public once the situation is resolved. As scary as they can be, Heller says these types of drills need to happen.

"You can never be truly prepared for a true situation, but it would be a very good thing to be a part of a drill like this," he said.