Linn-Mar Facing Lawsuit

The family of a student who claims a teacher sexually abused her is now suing The Linn-Mar Community School District.

The filing of the lawsuit follows a year long investigation by KCRG-TV9's i9 investigative unit that found the school district allowed a former teacher, Robert Ortiz, to resign in lieu of termination while he was facing sexual abuse allegations. Records show since 2014 the district documented more than ten student complaints against Ortiz alleging sexual misconduct. Ortiz left the district at the end of last school year.

The lawsuit centers around allegations Ortiz sexually assaulted a former Excelsior Middle School student.

Court documents claim the district received multiple complaints from students and other community members that Ortiz was "engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior" online and inappropriately touching students. The alleged misconduct includes the allegations of sexual assault in the case, which the family claims happened over a period years during school hours.

The lawsuit also names Excelsior Associate Principal Duane Orr claiming that while students complained to him about Ortiz, the district took no action against him and allowed him to continue teaching.

The lawsuit further alleges the district failed to contact police, parents, and the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners about sexual assault complaints against Ortiz.

The Linn-Mar district issued a statement saying it did contact police and report Ortiz to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. The agency will not confirm any reports it receives unless it leads to a board action.

Linn-Mar Schools has not responded to requests for comment.