Ernst Still Hopeful on Farm Bill

Even though the leaders of the 2018 farm bill conference committee did not meet this past week, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says she is hopeful a new bill can be passed in the lame duck session.

Ernst is on the conference committee and says despite not meeting, staff members were instructed on what to come together and work on.

The 2014 Farm bill expired on September 30th. SNAP and crop insurance are still working, but if leaders cannot find a compromise other programs will need extensions or re-authorization.

Sticking points between the House and Senate versions of the bill are shipping some support for corn and soybeans to cotton subsidies, the conservation title, credit title, and the SNAP working requirements.

Ernst says, "And I think, hopefully, after the election in November, then we'll have a little more play go on with the farm bill. So I am hopeful we can come to a consensus and get it done by the end of the year I was hoping we'd have it done by the end of September and the chairman thought we would have it done by the end of September."