Linn-Mar using Phone App for Times of Crisis

MARION, Iowa (KCRG) - The Linn-Mar Community School District is using new phone app to help staff and students communicate and stay safe.

It's called "CrisisGo." It gives staff the ability to notify each other if there's a threat. It works by clicking options like letting people know if they're safe, then a signal is sent out to all the other phones connected to it. If it's a serious situation, like an active shooter or intruder, a siren goes off.

The Linn-Mar High School principal said it went off for the first time on the third day of school when Marion police put them on lockout because of a potential threat on social media.

"Our building is a lot safer, I believe, now simply because we are able to communicate with each other that much more quickly," said Linn-Mar High School Principal Jeff Gustason.

Linn-Mar Student Services Executive Director Leisa Breitfelder said students asked for something like this out of fear of the recent national school shootings.

"In this day and age, this is common," said Breitfelder. "One of them told our SRO, 'we think about having a gun in our schools every other day. It's just something that we think about and it's always on our minds.'"

The school said they also teach gun safety classes, like ALICE. Gustason said they plan to make the app available to parents and students next Fall.