Mitchell: City of CR Delaying Trial

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- It's been almost 2-years since an officer involved shooting sparked outrage in Cedar Rapids. A police dash camera captured it in the early morning hours of November 1st, 2016.

Officer Lucas Jones pulled over a truck near Coe College driven by Jerime Mitchell, who goes by the nickname “Danky.” Jones claimed he smelled marijuana and tried to arrest Mitchell.

Mitchell then tried to drive away, but Officer Jones, caught in the car door, fired three shots, hitting Mitchell in the neck, paralyzing him. Prosecutors ultimately decided not to charge either Officer Jones or Mitchell. Mitchell now has a civil suit against the city.

His lawyer, Larry Rogers Jr. says the trial is now delayed until 2020. He says Mitchell is anxious to clear his name.

He says, "Since day one Jerime has always been a positive person. You know just dealing with the circumstances he's dealing with, but very much wanting a thorough investigation and his day in court."

Rogers says there are documents that the city wants kept from the public, and that's caused the delay.

He explains what the documents are saying, “Both relating to Lucas Jones involvement in Jerime's incident and the facts surrounding that, as well as the incident he was involved in a year earlier, where he shot and killed another citizen. We requested that that all be produced. "

A judge ruled in favor of Mitchell and his attorneys. It's now going to the Iowa Supreme Court since the city appealed.

Rogers says, "It's unheard of that a municipality would seek to hide from the very public it's meant to serve it's only records and information that they maintain. It's really deplorable quite frankly.

Until there's a decision, Rogers says their hands are tied. He says, "We can't do the depositions and request, supplemental information and have our experts review materials if it's not produced."

The civil suit would be a jury trial. Rogers says at the moment, they are not interested in settling with the city.

TV-9 reached out to the city, and a spokesperson said it's their policy not to comment regarding pending litigation.