Latest from Coralville Reservoir

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) -- Heavy rains have caused the water levels to go up day by day at the Coralville Reservoir. Depending on the amount of water that comes through Johnson County in the next few days, even more precautions may need to be taken.

The Coralville Reservoir Operations Manager Dee Goldman reports the level to be at 706 feet above sea level Monday morning but it's predicted to rise to 712 feet by the 17.

"We're trying to keep the water level at bay the best that we can," said Goldman.

Goldman said when the water reaches above 710 feet, there will be 24-hour surveillance for safety. The worry is the water could top the emergency spillway. At that point, there is little control over flooding downstream in Coralville and Iowa City.

"Right now we just don't know," said Goldman. "We're at the mercy of mother nature and the good lord above so it would be nice to see the rain turn off for an extended period of time ."

Goldman said if they had released more, the flooding in Iowa City Saturday would have been significantly worse. While the Corps is maintaining those elevations, those who live upstream say it leaves them with few choices.

"They're going to flood us again this year which is four times out of six years," said Homeowner Kevin Casine.

Casine said when they hold the water off to protect Iowa City he's left with little else to do but move.

"They close the roads down and turn the power off and the gas off and we got to look for a place to live ," said Casine.

Goldman said they have to hold the water back because if not it could make flooding devastating downstream when it combines with high water on the Cedar River and Mississippi River.

Johnson County officials have signed a local disaster declaration and are asking for a state declaration due to flash flooding Friday and Saturday.