City of CR Preps for Another Flood

For the fourth time in as many weeks, the city of Cedar Rapids is preparing for the possibility of major flooding.

The Cedar River is forecast to crest at 18.5 feet on Sunday. This will be the fourth time since the beginning of September that the Cedar River has risen above flood stage of 12 feet. Major flood stage along the Cedar River at Cedar Rapids is considered 16 feet.

Forecasters point out that this forecast depends on the amount of rain that falls over the coming days and to expect adjustments in the projection.

Flood protection efforts are underway in the city of Cedar Rapids. Crews started to put pumps and other equipment in place in the event of more rain. Storm sewer drains are being plugged as well.

Officials said the city will be monitoring the forecast and start adjust their preparations as the situation changes.

High river levels have closed Otis Road Southeast between Cargill to the Fish Hatchery.