Dubuque Looking at Smart Parking Meters

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) -- On Wednesday, October 3, the City of Dubuque began a 30-day pilot of a smart parking meter as part of the city's effort to replace current parking meters.

Smart meters in Dubuque (KCRG)

Eleven of the meters are installed in three different locations throughout downtown Dubuque. Three meters are located at 890 Main St., three more meters at 285 Main St. and an additional five at 976 Jackson St.

The meters allow people to pay for parking with change, credit card or through an app. If a customer forgets to pay or stays longer than expected, the meter will allow the person to pay for that time used before leaving the parking spot.

Transportation Services Director Candace Eudaley-Loebach told  TV9 in September the smart meters will also collect data. She said it can keep track of how often a space is used and for how long. This is something the city's current parking meters cannot do.

This pilot does not cost the city anything. However, if the city decides to replace all parking meters with the smart meters, the city would have to split the revenue with the company that owns the smart meters. That company would pay for the installation and upkeep.