FLOOD FOLLOW UP: Fixing DelCo Roads

DELAWARE COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG)- Water from flash flooding in Delaware County fell away quickly on Tuesday. But it's going to take a bit longer to repair rural roads washed out by the swift moving water from creeks and streams.

A Delaware County road worker repairs a washed out county road near Masonville.

The Delaware County Secondary Roads Department estimated at least 28 roads either closed or under repair following the heavy rains Monday night.

The county engineer says the repair list should be down to about 10 roads by the end of Tuesday. The damage bill may run about $100,000 following an earlier episode of flash flooding damage to rural roads that cost $75,000 to fix.

Karen Harbaugh, who lives near one damaged road in the northwest part of Delaware County, said for a while overnight nobody in the area could safely go anywhere.

"Last night we wouldn't have had a way to get out because all the roads were under water. The road is repairable but it's almost impossible," she said.

Casey Langel, an equipment operator for the roads department, said it was the worst flash flood damage to gravel roads he'd seen in years.

"I would compare the damage to 2010 when the Lake Delhi dam went out. This is probably the 3rd time this summer we've had to repair many of the same spots," Langel said.

The county engineer in next door Buchanan County said damage from flash flooding probably involved 20 to 30 rural roads in that county.