Local Brewer Battle Dismissed

The legal battle between two Iowa brewers over a contract dispute has been dismissed.

Court records say on Monday, September 24, the case between Toppling Goliath, Inc. vs. Thew Brewing Company, LLC and Chris Flenker was dismissed.

Thew, which opened earlier this year, and Flenker were facing an injunction filed in court two months ago from Toppling Goliath, a Decorah-based brewer that used to employ Flenker until 2017.

The claims dismissed said Flenker broke a non-compete agreement when he started at Thew.

Documents say Flenker allegedly agreed not to work for a rival business within 150 miles of Decorah for two years after leaving the company. The claims dropped also alleged Thew nabbed trade secrets by employing Flenker.

Toppling Goliath's attorney, Guy Cook, says they were "able to amicably resolve our differences so that the lawsuit could be dismissed."

Cook says the terms of the agreement are confidential.