Cedar River Cresting Today, 17.9'

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The Cedar River is now predicted to crest at 17.9 feet later today, that's up from 17.5 feet in earlier forecasts.

The latest forecast calls for the river to reach its highest level early Wednesday morning before falling to below flood stage late this week.

The City of Cedar Rapids has put flood protection measures into place that will protect for a crest of 18 feet. HESCO barriers were placed along the west side of the river near Mott building and near the amphitheater.

Officials have been concentrating on their "trouble" locations like the Time Check neighborhood, Ellis Boulevard and low lying areas behind the Mott building and the Cedar Rapids Police Station.

The city has also added some pumps to help alleviate some of the flooding.

"You might start to see some water ponding in the streets or in low lying areas that we'll pump if necessary if those areas get full just to make sure. The streets are made to be able to hold some water, some of our low lying areas, the retention basins, we just really want to make sure we're preventing any property damage," says Jen Winter, the City of Cedar Rapids Public Works Director.

"Fortunately with the permanent Sinclair Levee that we had the ribbon cutting on last spring that has helped protect the Newbo area so we have a lot less monitoring and work that we have to do in the Newbo area compared to past years."

The city says they've closed several roads near the Time Check neighborhood and Ellis Boulevard and they want to remind people not to drive through standing water.