CR Prepares for Flooding Again

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Flood preps are underway as Cedar Rapids takes precaution ahead of this week's crest on the Cedar River.

On Sunday, the Cedar River hung around 12 feet. That's minor flood stage. Over the next couple days the crest is expected at 17 and a half feet on Tuesday night. That's one and a half feet above major flood stage

This is the second time in just a month people along the Cedar River have worried about flooding.

"There was a really nice weekend two weeks ago when the water was high and normally we would be out here boating,” Jim Kaas said.

Jim Kaas started building his boat house in 2007. And since then -- he's been out here every chance he gets. But he feels like he missed out on a few opportunities, just this fall.

"But we were barred access to the river and shut off power."

Kaas is referring to the first flood threat in September. At that time the city closed the boat ramps for about a week, and opened them back up once the water levels fell below 13 feet. It's city code. And was put in place after the historic 2008 flood.

Kaas and his friends argue they've put in extra protection to ensure everyone's safety. Kaas says his boathouse can sustain record river levels, if necessary.

“My poles will easily handle 40 feet of water. So the challenge that was in 2008 just isn't there now days,” he said.

So he'll wait, for the waters to crest and eventually go down. Then he'll return to enjoy Sundays on the Cedar.

"The river has always come up and down,” Kaas said.

On Sunday, crews plugged storms drains along Ellis Boulevard and A Street Southwest. City workers say this will prevent water from backing up into the sewer system and flooding the roads.

Officials say they'll re-evaluate the river crest levels Monday morning and then decide if any extra measures are needed.