Marion PD Working on Slowing Traffic Near Schools

MARION, IA (KCRG-TV9) -- Some drivers in Marion are upset about people speeding on Alburnett Road near the area of two schools. They let city officials know about their concerns, and now police are cracking down on drivers that area.

They're focusing on a stretch of Alburnett Road that's between East Robins and Echo Hill Road. Two Linn-Mar schools are in that area, Echo Hill Elementary and Oak Ridge Middle School.

Police have handed out 15 speeding tickets there so far this month. Some drivers they pulled over were clocked going 20 miles over the 35 mile per hour speed limit.

Some homeowners in the area are letting police park in their driveways to catch people.

“It's one of those things, they want something done about it, and if the cops sit in their driveway, and people are slowing down, they're gonna appreciate that, because they feel like they're doing their civic deeds,” Officer Tom Daubs with the Marion Police Department said.

The 35 mile per hour speed limit drops to 25 when kids are present, but some family members of Oak Ridge students say that gets ignored. Karen Robertson has a 13-year-old granddaughter at the school.

"It's very dangerous. That's why I'm picking my granddaughter up. I don't trust her to walk over there by herself," she said. She has offered to pay out of pocket so her granddaughter doesn't have to walk.

"We've asked about getting her bused over, and we even said we'd pay to get her bused over," Robertson said.

Daubs says police will continue their heavy speed patrols, and pulling people over until something changes.

"We're out here for a couple of weeks and still have people 10-12-15-20 over, we're gonna stay out here," he said.

Linn-Mar Community School District sent out a tweet last Friday reminding people to be aware of school children, and then posted speed limit and other traffic signs.