CR Cleans Up after Monday Storms

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- An EF1 tornado hit the North West side Cedar Rapids Monday night shortly after 9:00pm.

Officials from Linn County Emergency Management say about 15 houses were damaged. There were still a lot of homeowners dealing with fallen power lines, and tree branches in their yards.

Leonard Weems was sitting inside his house with his wife when the tornado hit. His security cameras captured the storm while they took cover for hours in their basement

Weems says, "We didn't know if it's still out there somewhere, or gonna come back. Whatever the case may be, because there was no sirens to let you know anything."

Weems isn't alone, across the street from him, Bill Davidson had a tree branch knock out power to his home. Davidson says of the incident, "Well that was quick, it was just a bunch of bangs, and it was over."

Weems spending the day cleaning up the aftermath. That included clearing cable wires from their driveway, and picking up debris and tree branches. He met with contractors, but it will take some time before they can repair his roof.

He says, "We put a tarp up there to keep the rain from coming and trying to get ready for the storms that will come in tonight and tomorrow, before the contractors get in to repair it."

While others work to cut down trees, and rake leaves, Weems fears this is just the beginning of the cleanup work.

Emergency Management tells TV-9 that the tornado sirens did not go off, because the tornado happened so quickly, they had no information to activate the sirens. Since it was at night, storm spotters could not see anything. That’s why there were no sirens.

Luckily, the tornado did not last long, so by the time they knew of the threat, it was gone.