Storms Damage IC Tennis Courts

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Iowa City West High School will be facing the aftermath of Tuesday's storm for months to come.

The strong winds pushed and knocked a lot of the fencing off and yanked the poles away. They clocked in at over 80 mph Tuesday night. Now they're all blocked off until they can get it fixed. The principal told TV-9, there's always a concern when costs are involved. They're now bracing for a steep one to replace the courts.

"It'll be considerable to redo the fencing," said City West Principal Gregg Shoultz. "There's quite a lot of fencing around these courts, so yes, we do know it'll be a problem. We haven't gotten an estimate yet but we're hopeful our storm insurance will cover the bulk of it."

Fortunately for the school, it's not tennis season so whatever the cost is, they have until spring to get new fencing. Principal Shoultz said he's confident it'll all be fixed up and replaced by then.

The school's football field also ballooned up a bit, much like Kinnick Stadium, but it has since gone back down and should be ready by next Tuesday's home game.

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