IC Crisis Center Flooding Cleanup

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) The Crisis Center said their doors are still open despite the water damage and helped over 200 people yesterday during the storm but it's coming at a cost.

They have spent Thursday drying out. Fans were brought in to help make sure things are dried out thoroughly to prevent any mold from forming inside the building and creating even more issues.

The Crisis Center said the severity is nothing like they've ever experienced before.

"We've had instances where cars are getting flooded on our streets but it's never reached our doors so the way that the winds were blowing and everything it ended up going under the doors and all of our offices along the side and the doors on the east side of the building were flooded," said Communications and Development Director Sara Sedlacek.

The center said they had standing water inside the building for about an hour.

The water damage was mostly just to paperwork but a couple of computers and the carpet will need to be replaced. Insurance won't be covering. They're asking for donations to help cover the cost.

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