Storm Cleanup in Iowa Co.

WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The severe storms that moved through Eastern Iowa Tuesday afternoon led to damage reports from across the area, it appears parts of Iowa County were the hardest hit.

(Courtesy photo/KCRG-TV9)

Trees and some buildings in rural Williamsburg and Parnell were damaged when the storms moved through at about 5:50 p.m.

Nicole Mullinnis took shelter under a table in her home with her husband and their dog as the storms approached.

"Just as we secured ourselves under the table, we felt immense pressure coming through our ears and knew then that it was pretty serious," Mullinnis said. "Our dog burrowed underneath us and we held each other under the table."

And as fast as the storm hit, they were over and neighbors showing up to help with the cleanup.

"There are people here from everywhere," said Kim Finn. "We have worked relentlessly to try to get trailers full with as many things as we can salvage."

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