CRCSD Holds Hearing for Inappropriate Acts

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Cedar Rapids school board is holding a hearing to discuss whether it should fire a teacher accused of inappropriate conduct. In July, Superintendent Brad Buck recommended Metro High School teacher Tammy Ryan be terminated immediately after a district investigation found she inappropriately used an African-American baby doll in the classroom.

Only a few brief moments of Tuesday's special school board meeting were open to the public. What happened in short, a call to order followed by a motion to hold a private hearing.

The situation surrounding Tammy Ryan is one the district has been tight lipped about. And for the first time I9 was able to ask Ryan herself about the situation but she did not respond when we asked her for her side of the story.

Ryan may not be talking but what I9 does know is that in May we learned the Cedar Rapids Community School district was aware of allegations that an unnamed teacher dragged a baby doll by a rope in front of students. The agenda for the meeting shows the school board is prepared to hold the hearing to discuss Ryan's employment through Thursday but district officials tell I9 they're not sure if they'll need all three days.

The school board agenda for the special meeting says once the private hearing has ended board members will go back into open session and will then vote on whether or not to terminate Ryan.

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