Details on Monday's Linn-Mar Lockout

MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- On Monday afternoon at around 12:55 pm, the Marion Police Department, responding to a social media post, placed the Linn-Mar Community School District in a lockout status.

At around 1:20 p.m. the District says the lock out was lifted.

A concerned citizen had notified the police about a Snapchat post that reference a weapon near Linn-Mar. As a precaution, the lock-out took place and was lifted 26 minutes later.

During that time, the Marion Police Department conducted an investigation and determined that there was no threat to the district. The investigation is ongoing and applicable charges are being reviewed.

Police decided to make a lockout because the threat was outside of the school.

During a lockout no one is allowed to come inside the building. Staff and students continue with normal classes, but aren't allowed outside for recess or gym class.

"And again in elementary schools they probably don't even know they're in lock out other than they may not be allowed to go out for recess for an hour, or in this case 26 minutes, but it's still a situation where lock out and lock down its not the same thing," Officer Tom Daubs.

In a lockdown students have to hide and teachers are encouraged to lock their doors. In those cases the threat is usually inside the building.

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