Local Runners Support "Miles for Mollie"

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Around 30 eastern Iowa runners dedicated their Sunday morning to Mollie Tibbetts.

They runners ran the NewBo route to train for an upcoming marathon. By dedicating their miles they said they were showing support for Mollie's family and telling runners to continue doing what they love.

Michelle Steele ran with the group. She said she's been running since she first heard about the disappearance.

"This month I've ran 134 miles in honor, and my friends, we've run thousands and thousands of miles for Mollie, and we're going to keep it up," Steele said.

She said the running community is closer now than before.

"I actually have seen friends say you know what, anytime, any place, if you're afraid to run, call me. I'll meet you there, we'll go together. You know, we're not going to sit back and be afraid. You know, it's empowering," Steele said.

The runners sent their information to Flags 4 Fallen. It's a group that will take the number of miles along with the location and write them on American flags to give to the Tibbetts family.

"We want her family to know that there's thousands and thousands and thousands of us out here, and we're never going to forget you know, she was one of us, she was a runner, and this happened, and we can't change that this happened, but we can react to it the best way we can," Founder Richard Clark said.

The group has challenged people across the country to also dedicate their miles to Mollie, and thousands continue to do so. It also plans to hold a two-hour running safety course sometime in September. You can find more information on the group's website.

Steele said she will continue to run and hopes other women will do the same.

"We're gonna take our power back, we're gonna do this for Mollie," she said.

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