La Porte City Business Remembers Jake Wilson

LA PORTE CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9)-- Some La Porte city businesses are honoring Jake Wilson.

He disappeared more than four months ago on April 7th. This comes after authorities say they found human remains believed to be the 16-year-old.

Authorities say kayakers found those remains on Tuesday-- near Wolf Creek. Investigators returned to that area Friday to search for more evidence. They previously checked that region months ago.

Tootsie's Ice Cream Shop gave out free ice cream cones to anyone who helped out with the search for Jake Wilson, or worked to keep his name known throughout the region.

Staff say Jake would often come here for ice cream.

Jake actually got food to go from Tootsies about an hour before he went missing in April.

In the days following, owners provided free food for the hundreds of volunteers that searched for Jake Wilson.Owners say it's just what people in this community do.

"This town everybody, anything that goes wrong you know we do fundraisers a lot of weekends cause you know this town supports it's own," Corey Seibert said.

Owners say they plan to hold a similar day like this each year, again for Jake Wilson.

Investigators were in La Porte City yesterday , to search for more evidence.DNA analysis is working to positively ID the remains. But that can take weeks to determine.

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