UPDATE: Rockwell IBEW Union Votes to Strike

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Some employees at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids voted on Wednesday as to whether or not they support the authorization of going on strike.

During the vote, 84 percent voted in favor of authorizing a strike.

It's the latest development in a situation that began in 2016 when the company eliminated dozens of custodial positions.

The vote took place in the wake of the union, IBEW, accusing Rockwell Collins of violating their collective bargaining agreement.

This vote stems from when Rockwell laid off about two dozen custodial employees and then hired lower-paid contract workers in their place. The union took the company to arbitration over the move and just last month the arbitrator overseeing the case sided with the union and gave both sides 60 days to come up with a solution. Since the decision, Rockwell has filed suit in federal court to get out of it. The union argues the lawsuit is also a violation of their agreement with the company and is why they're having this vote.

"We respect the right of our employees and others to voice their opinions. We believe we have acted on this matter in good faith and in full compliance with the current collective bargaining agreement. Rockwell Collins will continue to work with the union to resolve this matter," Rockwell Collins said in a statement.

Union leaders said they are scheduled to meet with Rockwell officials next week.

Members of the IBEW Local 1362 are expected to report to work as normal until directed otherwise.

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