Local Company Displaying Tibbetts Posters

 A Cedar Rapids company is hitting the streets in an attempt to help find Mollie Tibbets.

Fleck Sales, a beer distributor, is putting signs with Mollie's image on the back of four of their trucks along with a phone number where people can call in tips. Officials with the company say those trucks have routes that go through 23 counties in Iowa. It's they're hope the signs will help get the word out about Mollie's disappearance.

"It is a gut wrenching thing that the family is going through over there," said Fleck Sales owner/president, Dudley Fleck. "With no apparent leads or anything like that its just our little bit that maybe we could help"

The signs themselves were printed in house at Fleck Sales.

Investigators have received more than 500 leads in the case. The reward in the case is more than $366,000. If you have any information regarding Tibbetts' disappearance contact authorities at 1-800-452-1111.

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