Linn Co. Sheriff Wants more Deputies

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Linn County sheriff wants more deputies to staff the county jail- and he says it would not cost Iowa taxpayers any extra money.

This morning at the meeting of the Linn County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Brian Gardner asked the supervisors to consider adding three more deputies.

Over the past few years the Linn County Sheriff’s Office has seen more and more inmates going into the Linn County Jail.

The sheriff says that is because of a program that brings inmates from other states. He says if approved, adding the positions could actually end up turning a profit for the sheriff’s department in the county.

"We’ve already not only paid for these three additional deputies, but we’ll still have additional revenue on top of that," said Sheriff Gardner. "I think that’s the key point here is it’s not going to cost the taxpayers any additional money, the federal government ends up paying for this because of the room and board fee they pay us to house those inmates in the Linn County Jail."

Sheriff Gardner said adding more deputies to the jail is not directly related to a concern about overtime, but certainly will help them cut down with the increased staff.

This morning only served as a discussion, as the Board of Supervisors meeting lasted about twenty minutes. They will address this again at a future meeting.

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