State Fair Opens with New Security Measures

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — Thursday, thousands of people will head to Des Moines for opening day of the 2018 Iowa State Fair and fairgoers can expect a heightened law enforcement presence.

The fair's CEO said in addition to coverage from the Iowa State Patrol, Des Moines Police and the Polk County Sheriff's department, the fair will have its own police department.

"We've upped the quality and the quantity of our police force throughout all of the entities that are involved," Gary Slater said.

The Iowa State Fair Police can initiate arrests unlike the previous security department.

"They have very good qualifications and I'm proud of the progress they've made in setting up this police department," Slater said.

Parents taking children to the fair can find Iowa State Patrol "kid find" wrist bands in more locations this year, including all information booths, the Hall of Law and the Star 102.5 booth.

On the wristbands you'll be able to write down your child's name and emergency contact in case they get lost.

Authorities encourage parents to take pictures of their children before entering the fair, so they can remember what the children are wearing if they get lost.

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