IC Residents Encouraged to Chime In

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — Iowa City leaders are holding an event tonight where they're encouraging people to help them decide how to spend the city's tax dollars.

It's still early in the budget process and this is the council's way of saying, "tell us what matters to you."

There are millions of dollars throughout the city's budget divided into all kinds of services. This will give them an idea of which things need improvements and they'll be given the opportunity to suggest other areas where they believe maintenance should be prioritized. TV-9 spoke with the city parks and recreation department head who said people should come, if anything, to just be informed.

"In the city government there's just all kinds of choices to be made," said Juli Seydell Johnson of the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department. "The streets need to be fixed, parks need to be maintained, we need police, fire, there's a lot of needs out there. This is really everybody's chance to come out and say, 'this is what's really important to us,' and make their opinion heard."

For those who missed it today, the city said they're planning to have more, innovative ways to get the public involved before they have to decide on a budget plan this Fall.

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