Linn Co. Dismisses Sewage Treatment Plans

LINN COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A Linn County developer has to go back to the drawing board after the county denied his proposal to put up a septic plant near a Toddville neighborhood.

Rick Miene owns Miene septic services. He wanted to build a septic sewage facility near the 3400 block of Midway Road in Toddville.

But people living in the neighborhood near the proposed plant were afraid the sewage smells would overtake the neighborhood. And they brought those concerns to the Linn County Planning and Zoning Commission.

A couple hundred people backed the meeting Monday night. Ultimately their comments swayed the commission to vote no to this project

They voiced concerns the septic sewage project would cause odor and water quality issues.

Rick Miene was also at this meeting. He said he adjusted the proposal so the sewage composting would happen inside of building, instead of outdoors.

Miene says this would mitigate odor issues. But many area neighbors say this isn't enough, because no one wants to live next to a sewage treatment facility.

The five person commission unanimously disproved the proposal.

TV9 talked to Rick Miene after the meeting about what his plans are next. He said to contact him at a later time.