CRCSD To Install Push-Button Locks on Doors

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Staff at Cedar Rapid public schools explained what they're doing to keep students and teachers safe in case of emergency or any active threats at Monday night's school board meeting.

They're installing push-button locks in all its classrooms.

The locks allow teachers to lock the classroom from the inside.

In many classrooms now teachers have to go out in the hallways and lock the doors from the outside with a key. District staff say teachers will be able to lock doors faster with this method.

"In any of these active threat situations, there's shortened time on a stage they last four to six minutes so anything we can do to even gain seconds in those situations is beneficial," Buildings and Grounds Manager Jon Galbraith said.

The district plans to have the locks installed in each classroom of its 31 buildings by the end of the next school year.