Names Released in 2017 Coggon Shooting

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9)-- We're learning more about the criminal history of the five men facing federal charges relating to a Linn County man's death.

Authorities say a shooting in February 2017 killed 20 year old Dylan Plotz. Linn County sheriff's deputies found his body lying outside a home near Coggon.

Thursday, authorities released the names of these men who face a variety of drug and weapons charges. They include Tyler Clemens, Kordell Jones, Cameron Klouda, Chase Zerba and Dillon Beener.

So far, no one is facing a murder charge.

Authorities say Plotz was trying to steal marijuana from some of the men they've arrested. A criminal complaint states Plotz showed a weapon to some of the men, who were in a minivan. Just minutes later, someone inside the minivan fired a shotgun out the passenger side window, hitting Plotz.

And authorities say two men were part of crimes that happened after the shooting on February 1st, 2017.

19-year-old Kordell Jones is known to law enforcement around Cedar Rapids.

A document filed in early March claims Jones assaulted a person in Cedar Rapids by displaying a dangerous weapon, in this case a wooden 2 by 4. The filing states the assault caused bodily harm to another person. The case is scheduled to go to a hearing later this month.

Jones pleaded guilty to a serious misdemeanor of assault causing bodily injury. This happened on July 29th, 2017. Documents state Jones injured a person in Cedar Rapids with a baseball bat, claw hammer and glass bottle.

Jones also faces charges for assault causing bodily injury on July 16th in 2017. Documents state he hit a woman in the face which chipped her teeth and broke her glasses.

20-year-old Chase Zerba has also faced new charges in the last 18 months.

Document show on April 10th, he was accused of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. That same day, authorities say he had unlawful possession of a prescription drug.

All five men have appeared in federal court, in Cedar Rapids. All five were held without bond pending a detention hearing on July 16th.