Colorful Rocks with Messages in Marion

MARION, Iowa (KCRG TV9)- Anyone wandering around Marion in the coming days and weeks might want to look down at their feet to find a little inspiration.

Some of the rocks decorated by kids at the Marion Public Library Wednesday. Library staffers print inspiration messages on the rocks and the kids will hide them around town for people to find.

For the last few days, kids visiting the Marion Public Library were encouraged to paint rocks with vibrant colors. Once the paint dries, library staffers then print inspirational sayings on the rocky artwork with phrases like “choose kindness.”

The idea is kids will their take the artistic rocks with a message and put them on the ground around town for people to find.

Dawn Cline from the library says that way people can look down and be inspired.

“We hear about people finding them when they post on social media. They’re all over the place—at parks, at restaurant and they’re in people’s yards. They’re all over the place and it’s been really fun,” she said.

Cline says the Marion Library decided to join the messages on rocks movement to both promote reading and spread kindness.

They’re asking anyone who finds a rock with a message to put it somewhere else so other people can get a pleasant surprise too.