Former Clarion Hotel Owner to Pay

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- The man accused of not paying employees at a former Cedar Rapids Clarion Hotel must now pay the owners more than $2 million dollars. Hassan Hussein worked as the Chief Operating Officer of the former Clarion Hotel last year.

Last December before Christmas, TV-9 reported on several workers saying the hotel didn't pay them. Workers ended up receiving back pay as part of a settlement with the US Department of Labor.

The hotel owners, the Kalra family sued Hussain and his family to get back their investment money they say Hussain misspent.

The Clarion is now known as the Ramada. Attorney Peter Riley represents the Kalra family, and says they couldn't use the name anymore.

He explains, "Because of what Hassan you know did in mismanagement, Clarion terminated its relationship. So they had to find another hotel organization chain to operate with."

Overall, he says they got what they wanted with the ruling. It includes confirming that the Kalra's own the hotel, returning all of the hotel records they say Hussain took when he left for Virginia, and getting a ruling on their investment money

Riley says, "We're gonna probably have to get a lawyer in Virginia and see what they can find. And get the judgment transferred over to the state of Virginia. Do not believe that we're gonna get our hands on 2 million dollars in the near future."

The Kalra's are now running the hotel. Riley says their goal now is to get back a lot of the business that they lost because of the incident.

Riley says, "Mr. Kalra has a long experience in the hotel and hospitality business. We have a new operation and I hope everybody realizes that the people who caused all of those problems are gone."

TV-9 reached out to Hussain for comment, but haven't heard back yet.