Razor Blades Found in Tiffin Park

TIFFIN, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Someone looks to have stuck razor blades into eastern Iowa playground equipment. The sharp objects were discovered two days ago at a park in Tiffin, according to those that live nearby.

One of the razor blades discovered at a park in the Woodfield neighborhood in Tiffin. (KCRG-TV9)

Jon McDonough's mother-in-law first spotted one of the razor blades while watching over a group of children at that small park in the community's Woodfield neighborhood. McDonough said the woman noticed the blade as it slid down a slide in front of a playing child.

After investigating, folks from the neighborhood discovered at least 10 blades in all. Many of them were protruding from grooves on the playground equipment.

"Stuck in different parts of the equipment," McDonough said. "Around the slide and parts where kids are grabbing on to."

A blade had given McDonough's toddler a minor cut on the arm. It was enough to draw blood but little else, the Tiffin father said.

"[I'm] worried, as any parent," said McDonough. "When you go to the park it's not something you should have to look for-- razor blades on pieces of play equipment."

The city of Tiffin responded by checking all of the community's parks with metal detectors, not finding any blades outside of Woodfield. Sheriff's deputies with Johnson County are investigating as well, putting out a call for tips to figure out who and why someone would do this.

Meanwhile, parents took pause for fear a favorite play place for their kids is no longer safe.

"It's hugely concerning because our kids are back there all the time. We're out there a couple times a week," said Riley Williams, who lives directly in front of the park. "You know, even the day we heard about it, they were over there. Thank god they weren't on the equipment."

Williams hoped the metal detector sweep was enough to secure the spot but said he felt more could be done to ensure the park remains safe.

"I wouldn't mind seeing cameras out there or something," said Williams. "It sits so far from the street, you can't see what's going on. That might help a little bit."

Those with information on the blades are asked to contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at: (319)356-6800.