New Opioid Treatment Center Opens in Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- This week, a new opioid treatment center opened in Dubuque, to provide a need to the area at a time they say is staggering to the community.

Staff members with Cedar Valley Recovery Services say their goal is to simply keep people alive- as many people as they can.

In direct response to the opioid crisis nationwide, researchers predicted the opioid epidemic could hit us here in Iowa in only four to five years.

Out of the 11 major cities in the state, Dubuque is the only one that does not currently have residential treatment for rehabilitiation.

While Cedar Valley Recovery Services offers outpatient help, they came to Main Street because they recognized a real need in the community.

"We've talked to other agencies, people in the community that have been personally affected by the opioid crisis," said Jen Kositzky, Executive Director of Cedar Valley Recovery Services. "It's a needed service as we see the ER admissions continue to rise and a number of overdoses. It's getting kind of staggering at this point."

Kositzky said so far they only have one client signed up since opening Monday, July 2, but expect more people to come and use their services as awareness increases. She added they recognized the need for more opioid treatment services in the community, and they wanted to provide treatment to create a lasting impact on their quality of life.

Staff members at the treatment center said they offer medication and counseling services together to ensure as much of a hands-on approach as possible.

For them, they say the biggest challenge concerns the stigmas related to both asking for help and the help the treatment center offers.

They plan to treat the issue as a disease, which is why they say they incorporate more than offering medicine. Kositzky said it was important to come directly to the community rather than rely on those in need of help to come to Marion or Cedar Falls, where they have other locations.

"We want to meet people where they're at," said Kositzky. "We want to provide treatment that is going to make a lasting impact on their lives. We want to look at their treatment plan and figure out all those other pieces that need to come in place for them to live their fulfilled life."

Kositzky said the message they really want to send to the community is now that their doors are open, they are there for them, and they will be ready to help when someone needs it.

If you or someone you love is in need of help in the Dubuque area, you can visit them at 799 Main Street, Suite 370 in Dubuque, or call (563) 582-2299.

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