UI Police Investigate Stalking, Harassing

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) University of Iowa police are investigating two reports of sexual misconduct involving a male student. The allegations have exploded online with women sharing their stories of being targets of the same man.

Several women chose to keep their identity private but one told TV-9 she was sick to her stomach when she realized how many people, like her, were harassed.

"It makes me nauseous just thinking about all of the women who have been victimized and harassed by this man," said Sydney Kuhel. "It sickens me."

Kuhel is a sophomore at the University of Iowa and one of dozens of women who says she's been harassed by the same man, who the University Police said was a student at the University

"I deleted the message after I blocked him but he continued to message me. It was like a non-stop thing," said Kuhel. "It was a repetitive thing for him. He continued to message me over and over again until I finally blocked him."

According to Iowa Law, stalking is "purposefully engages in course of conduct that would cause reasonable person to fear bodily injury or death to himself or immediate family; perpetrator knows or should have known that person would be fearful and course of conduct actually induces fear."

When a student first posted screenshots about him it gained over 1300 tweets and hundreds of replies.

Some women shared their experiences of him asking them out on social media, then he'd get more forceful and persistent.

They'd block him, then he'd reach out to their friends.

The University of Iowa responded saying with this photo - saying they "take these allegations seriously and is working to learn more.."

But according to University of Iowa police, someone reported two different incidents against him for harassment and stalking. One in December 2017 and one in April.

Kuhel, like many others say, they want justice.

"I want him to finally get the consequences he deserves for his actions. I also want us to have a sense of safety because he has been a predator for so long," said Kuhel. "Us as women on campus already feel pretty unsafe."

Since the man is not facing charges at this point TV-9 is not sharing his name. The two reports allege stalking and harassment, which police say happened online.