Marion Fire & PD Announce Partnership

MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- It's a national trend for law enforcement to join together to make special response teams. And now, Marion is the latest city to join that movement.

The Special Response Team is a partnership between Marion Police and Marion Fire. A few paramedics from the Marion Fire Department are going to go through advanced training to learn tactical combat casualty care.

Currently, firefighters and medics aren't always allowed in high-risk police perimeters. But after specific training, the paramedics will be allowed to go in those areas with police, and won't have to stage as far away. Both firefighters and the police chief say this team will save lives.

"Like in combat, most people who die die from extremity wounds and if you're close enough in you can take care of that but if you're five or more minutes out its too late," Jeff Hoover said.

"Police officers are police officers but we're not medically trained and if we get into a situation where there's hostile fire or we have people down it's important that we have people who are trained in that situation with us to help save lives," Chief Joseph McHale said.

Police say the Special Response Team could be used if someone tries to barricade themselves in a home, hostage situations or just other training situations.