Oelwein Care Center has AC Units Stolen

OELWEIN, IA (KCRG-TV9) -- Grandview Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Oelwein had 40 of their air conditioners stolen. They were taken from the storage facility Karr Properties in Independence.

Grandview Administrator Craig Allen is still trying to piece together what happened. He says of the storage facility, "It's right there on (Highway) 150. So it took a lot of nerve to drive in, load them up, cut the padlocks off, and I doubt if they got them all in one load."

Grandview couldn't go long without air conditioners at the facility because of the heat wave. So they spent $10,000 to replace the stolen ones. They haven't gotten around to putting all of them in yet. Grandview is not putting patients in the rooms where there is no air conditioning.

Allen says insurance isn't helping with replacement since the deductible is so high. He says of the money spent for the air conditioners, “It doesn't affect what we do for our residence, they still get the same care and all of the services, but the end of the year it might affect what we can do for bonuses for employees.”

Now they're trying to turn the heat up on the air conditioner culprits. They’re offering a $2,000 dollar reward for anybody with information that leads to an arrest.

Allen adds that they have been on the lookout as well, "We've been looking at the post on Facebook and everything, I've also contacted the local scrap yard.”

Anyone with information can contact Oelwein Police at 319-283-4311. Craig Allen can be contacted at 319-283-1908.