North Liberty Beginning Streamlined Trash Pickup

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- There's too much trash in North Liberty. So, the city has to make some changes.

The city used waste stickers for about 20 years. But with a growing city and less interest in becoming a garbage collector, the city is switching to automated trucks.

"You don't have buy the stickers anymore and that's a lot easier,” homeowner Michael Daniels said.

Daniels signed up for the program right away.

"And the container is bigger than the one we have now."

The city is offering three trash options for households: a 65 gallon bin picked up once a week, a 35 gallon bin picked up once a week or a 35 gallon bin picked up once every two weeks.

The city is also encouraging people to pick up a recycling cart. It's single streamed recycling.

"You can shove your Amazon boxes in there, all your milk jugs everything in there,” Nick Bergus said.

For renters, like at an apartment, the process is a little different.

"Some still have dumpsters and are used as a commercial account,” Bergus said.

Renters can still take part of the city's single stream recycling program. It just needs to be in smaller boxes. And the city will pick it up once a week."

The city says its goal is to make it easy for everyone to recycle. Because the more people recycle, like Daniels, the less trash there will be.

"We bought the smaller one because we don't have a lot of trash."

The city of North Liberty is asking homeowners to make a decision of what size bin they want by Monday. The new system will go into effect on July 1st.