Six Democratic Governor Candidates Debate

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- For the first time, all six Democratic gubernatorial candidates faced off in a debate Sunday night in Davenport. Voters have less than one month to decide who they want to win the primary election.

The Individuals running in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary are: Nate Boulton, Cathy Glasson, Fred Hubbell, Andy McGuire, John Norris, and Ross Wilburn.

The candidates looking for the Democratic nomination are Nate Boulton, Cathy Glasson, Fred Hubbell, Andy McGuire, John Norris, and Ross Wilburn.

The group didn't take long to get into a heated discussion.

First up, how these candidates would handle Medicaid concerns in the state. Iowa transitioned its Medicaid system to privatized managed care a couple years ago. These candidates agree the new system isn't working, but have different proposals.

"What we need to do is bring that back to state control and state direction. It used to be it would cost four to five percent a year to manage that program, we’re 12 to 15 percent now,” Fred Hubbell said.

"We got to the root of the problem, which is too much poverty in Iowa. The wage disparity in Iowa is causing more and more people to be on Medicaid,” John Norris said.

“We need a universal single-payer plan right here in Iowa,” Cathy Glasson said.

“Push at the national level for Medicare for all, so that people are able to afford insurance,” Ross Wilburn said.

“Keep people healthier. We double prenatal care, we double immunization, if you invest in care that’s how you get the cost down,” Andy McGuire said.

“To get us to a position where we cancel MCO contracts. Get a six month transition to get Iowans the care they need,” Nate Boulton said.

Another hot topic was immigration, and if these candidates would support the use of local law enforcement during federal immigration raids. This comes after federal agents arrested 32 suspected undocumented immigrants at a business in Mount Pleasant last week.

“It’s a problem with our federal immigration,” McGuire said. “To make laws where we would have a comprehensive policy.”

“Try to work with our attorney general and try to work with other state attorney general try to try to fight against efforts to force these efforts in other states,” Wilburn said.

“This past legislation session I was proud to stand up and speak against a bill that would have, and will federalize law enforcement,” Boulton said.

“That bill listed under public safety is a charade. All they are trying to do, the Republican legislature there, is divert attention from the very poor fiscal management they are doing for our state,” Hubbelll said.

“So we have to see new immigrants as part of our future and be a welcoming state. And see their opportunity as our opportunity,” Norris said.

“The governor should use the voice at the federal level that we have a path to citizenship that doesn’t tear families apart,” Glasson said.

The primary election is on Tuesday, June 5th.

The winner of the Democratic Primary will run against Governor Kim Reynolds.