Card Skimmer Found at CR Gas Station

Cedar Rapids police are warning drivers to keep an eye out for credit card skimmers at gas stations after finding one last week.

Image of a card skimmer found at the FasFuel on Blairs Ferry Rd. NE in Cedar Rapids.

Police say someone broke into a credit card machine at the FasFuel on Blairs Ferry Road NE in northeast Cedar Rapids last week and placed a skimmer inside. They are asking anyone who got gas there recently to keep an eye out for fraudulent purchases.

Card skimmers are devices that are secretly placed where credit cards are used to read and store credit card information for any card swiped. Thieves then can retrieve the skimmer or access it later to get the stolen credit card account information.

Police warn to look for security tape over the panels of credit card machines at gas pumps. If the tape is broken, do not use the pump and report it to the store immediately.

Other skimmers can be placed over the card reader, so be wary of devices sticking out or loose at any card reader at an ATM or gas pump machine. A skimming device is often a different color from the machine