Free "Fix It Day" in Dyersville

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - An Iowa town has found a unique way to keep electronics away from the landfill.

Dyersville is hosting what organizers are calling a 'Fix-it Day' Friday.

Three repairmen will do their best to fix a wide range of broken items. That includes electronics or broken household items like chain saws and solar lights.

Sean Held is the owner of Tech Mates in Dyersville. He's one of the people donating their time to help fix stuff on Friday. His repair shop specializes in TVs and phones, but he'll take a stab at lots of different things.

"Today's society has become a throwaway generation so we want to try to stop that and also to try to teach these people that bring in the items how to fix it themselves in case it does break again," Held said.

The city and chamber of commerce want to keep the products out of the landfill. They teamed up with the Dubuque Metro Area Solid Waste Agency.

"Anytime that we get people that are trying to take a proactive stance and and care for the environment and care about their own pocketbook and repair devices everyone wins." Chamber Director Karla Thompson said.

The event is 4 to 7 p.m. at the Stone Creek Plaza in Dyersville. Anyone from anywhere can bring-in their items.

People only have to pay for additional parts if they are needed.