Non-Tenured UI Staff Making Demands

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Some educators at the University of Iowa are demanding higher wages and stronger benefits. These are employees who teach students, but aren't trying to become full tenured professors, and they feel the university isn't treating them fairly.

The non-tenured staff wants, in writing by Friday, that university administrators will meet with their group to talk about increasing wages and benefits.

Wednesday, a small group gathered in front of the Pentacrest to announce those demands.

The group demanded the university to extend health insurance benefits to all non-tenure track and his or her dependents. And that includes parental leave.

The group also demanded a pay increase. They want a 15 percent raise for the 2018 and 2019 academic year. Then five percent annual raises each year after that. The group says those increases are reasonable, given a growing workload of classes and students. Members say those increases still don't come close tenured staff's salaries.

"We're not even asking to be elevated to the pay that tenured faculty are making. That's why this demand is so imminently reasonable," Annie Sand said.

The group says it'll keep adding pressure to the UI's administration if it doesn't hear a response by Friday. And that includes more awareness events to let students and parents know the non-tenured staff's concerns.

TV9 did reach out the University of Iowa about the list of demands. Officials from UI wouldn't comment specifically about their thoughts or plan with non-tenured faculty. But they do say the UI's has made faculty salaries a priority despite declining state revenues.