Man Suing Waterloo PD for Excessive Force

WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A Waterloo man says he wants justice after he claims a police officer violated his civil rights during a chase two years ago.

(Courtesy: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier)

Police body cam and dash cam video (see below; Warning: graphic content and expletives) shows an angry white police officer repeatedly yanking on the dreadlocks of Montavis Keller while Keller is on the ground handcuffed.

It happened following a dangerous high speed chase in April 2016 in Waterloo

In the video, Keller gets on the ground and Officer Adam Wittmayer handcuffs him. Wittmayer then pulls Keller's hair and hits him repeatedly.

A state prosecutor did not seek criminal charges against Wittmayer, concluding jurors would understand why he was mad at Keller, whose car nearly hit Wittmayer near the end of the chase.

Keller has filed a lawsuit claiming Wittmayer used excessive force when Keller was on the ground and while he was putting Keller into his squad car.

Keller took a plea deal after prosecutors charged him with eluding. A judge sentenced him to probation in February.