CR Historians Saving Artifacts from Bever Building

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- Cedar Rapids historians are trying to preserve parts of three downtown buildings before they are torn down. Skogman Realty is planning to tear down the Bever Building, Sub City, and Albert Auto for more office space.

Historians are salvaging things from those three buildings like pieces of the marble, store front windows, doors, and even the famous lions in front of the Bever Building. Those items will go to a different part of Cedar Rapids.

Historian Mark Stoffer Hunter with The History Center says, "There's not a route right now to saving the entire building, its ways to save parts of the building's history. It's not always the most ideal situation, but it is a way to save part of the building's history."

Members of Save CR Heritage were previously trying to prevent the three buildings from being torn down. No word yet on when Skogman will demolish the buildings.