Iowa City Unveils Ped Mall Plans

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- We're about two weeks away from the start of a multi-million dollar construction project in Iowa City.

Crumbling brick is just one of the reasons for the Ped Mall facelift.

The city plans to replace the underground utilities and create a new foundation.

"I think it'll be nice just to see a little bit of cleaning up of the Ped Mall and jut making sure its accessible and welcoming to all people," UI student Olivia Sandvold said.

Those in the Ped Mall say the area makes downtown Iowa City a happening place.

"I really like how busy it is. I like all the music people play and the dogs walking around," UI Student Kiana Brown

City engineers agree, but to keep the area popular requires updates.

"All new diversified plants, some story walls, a new staging canopy," Senior Civil Engineer Scott Sovers said.

The City has mulled over the idea of a renovation for a few years.

This year, engineers approached the council with this idea.

Some were concerned about the timing of this project, especially since RAGBRAI will make a stop in town this July.

"There's really no good time to do a project like this. So one of the things that was brought up was hey maybe this is a good time. We can bring people down to the Ped Mall to help support local businesses."

Crews will actually halt construction during the overnight stretch on July 27th, so people have easy access to the businesses.

This is a two-part project. The first phase should wrap up by October.

The second phase will start again in May of 20-19.


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