Governor Reynolds Holds Face-to-Face with Trump

WASHINGTON (KCRG-TV9) -- Governor Kim Reynolds spent her Thursday morning in Washington D.C. discussing agriculture and trade with President Donald Trump.

The President met with governors and lawmakers, like Senator Joni Ernst, from farm states. He told them he's pressing China to treat the American agriculture industry fairly, and reassured them on proposed China tariffs.

"Again, we just said the best thing you can do for our Iowa farmers and manufacturers is to look at market share. Make sure that we're maintaining what we have but we're looking for opportunities to grow it," Reynolds said

The President also asked top administration officials to look into rejoining talks on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which would open U.S. farmers to more overseas markets

"You know at a certain point, they run out of bullets, and remember what i said, when you're $500 billion down, you can't lose a trade war. And I will call it a trade war, because it's really a trade negotiation, but no one ever negotiated," said Trump.

Iowa farmers got a win from President Trump, he endorsed more ethanol in fuel. In warmer months refiners can use 10 percent ethanol in gasoline, but this change would bump that up to 15 percent in the summer.

Democratic congressman Dave Loebsack said in a statement it would stimulate economic development throughout rural communities.

"Today's actions should have been taken years ago, but I am pleased that consumers now have access to greater choices at the pump," Loebsack said.

Gov. Reynolds released a statement later, thanking the president for a productive meeting and listening to their concerns. The statement also said, "He understands that for our farmers to be successful, we need to grow - not contract - our markets."


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