Construction Begins on NW Flood Memorial

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV) -- Construction started Tuesday on a memorial for the 2008 flood in Cedar Rapids. The memorial is going up in the Time Check neighborhood that the flood devastated nearly ten years ago.

The construction means has closing O Avenue Northwest between Ellis Boulevard, and Sixth Street. The memorial will have a gateway arch, a plaza area, and a flood wall that will show how high the water got in that area.

It will also feature a map showing all the houses and properties that the city tore down after the flood.

Community Development Director for the Cedar Rapids Jennifer Pratt says, "I think especially for that neighborhood that was most impacted by the flood, it really is an amazing symbol to really show not only how much the neighborhood was impacted, but also how far they have come since the event."

A ribbon cutting for the memorial will take place on June 13th marking the 10th anniversary of the flood. 


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