Mother Seeking Answers About Daughter's Death

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Lori McMann says she wants justice because, while the murderer is still walking out and about, her family is still coming to grips with losing AnnaElise Edgeton.

A recent photo of 18-year-old AnnaElise Edgeton (McMann). (Courtesy: Lori McMann)

Almost three months ago, someone shot and killed Edgeton at her apartment in northwest Cedar Rapids. Edgeton was 18 and had just gotten married. Police have not made an arrest.

"We just have no information," said McMann. "None whatsoever from anybody."

She's now asking the public's help to track down her daughter's killer.

"If you've heard something, have anything suspicious that you've seen or heard, if you could report it to either Crimestoppers or the investigative Bureau at the Cedar Rapids Police Department," said McMann.

Police say the case is under investigation so they aren't releasing details.

"We're just looking for answers for our daughter and justice for our daughter at this point," said McMann.

The family has even made bracelets in Edgeton's honor to try to spread awareness that the murderer is still out there.

"They say "Justice for Anna" with her birthday and the day she died on there," said McMann. "We actually took donations for them and made that donation to the animal shelter."

The family's donating the money for the bracelets to the shelter because they say Edgeton was a huge animal lover. Again, anyone with information is asked to call Cedar Rapids Police or Crimestoppers.


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