Iowa City Getting Set for Freestyle World Cup

Iowa City is seeing an influx of international guests this week with multiple events generating significant revenue. The city is hosting the annual meeting for the UNESCO Cities of Literature and the Freestyle World Cup wrestling tournament.

Carver Hawkeye Arena entrance with participating countries for Freestyle World Cup

Iowa City Police say additional officers are helping staff the World Cup wrestling events and University Police say they're remaining vigilant. Meanwhile, the city is preparing in a different way.

With more than 25 different countries visiting for both the Cities of Literature and the Freestyle World Cup Iowa City, experts say businesses will earn millions this week.

"Just for the wrestling alone, every time we've done the trials we've done economic impact reports and we've estimated both of those events to generate about five million dollars in expenditures for the community," said Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau President Josh Shamberger.

Schamberger says they expect a number north of three million dollars just from the Freestyle Wrestling Cup alone. It's something local businesses like 30Hop will see as a benefit. They're the home-base for the USA after hours victory party Sunday.

"I'm excited for a big weekend," said 30Hop Director of Operations Erik Shewmaker. "We're very lucky to get a lot of hotel traffic through the restaurant every weekend but this weekend is going to be exponentially busier with the great crowds and especially the wrestling fan base."

Shewmaker says wrestlers are already starting to trickle in even though the competition doesn't begin until Saturday.

"One of the best parts about being in Iowa City is the wrestling fan base and the culture here," said Shewmaker.

While athlete's from Russia won't be able to make it, India and Mongolia now will. Shewmaker says he's confident in Team USA.

"There's no doubt that the U.S. is going to come home with a win," said Shewmaker.

The Visitor's Bureau will actually put together a documentary based on this weekend in Iowa City. It's loosely titled Writers and Wrestlers.


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