Jefferson High School Updating Security Policy

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Jefferson High School is enhancing its security policy by locking some the school's exits during school hours.

Principal Chuck McDonnell said in a letter to parents, “eliminating some of the exit choices during the day will provide better security for students and staff since someone can always enter whenever another person is exiting.”

Students will now need to use the sky walk to access the separate buildings, instead of walking outside. Jefferson said there is a plan for students with mobility issues.

In the future, Jefferson plans to rekey all doors, remodel the main entrance in a way where visitors must check in first, and rearrange parking to allow students to park closer and staff to park farther away.

Officials will review traffic flow, and tweak plans if problems arise. Parents must use the main entrance to drop off or pick up students during school hours. 


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