A Rare Find at Oelwein Goodwill Store

OELWEIN, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Goodwill in Oelwein is an e-commerce store that gets items from other Goodwill stores in the area to sell online.

Last week they got a donated camera from the World War II era to sale. It came from a store in Dyersville. They originally posted it for $6.99, but then realized that it cost more than they could ever imagine.

Merchandise Manager for Goodwill in Oelwein Melissa Teynor explains, “Within less than 6 days, it was up to over four thousand dollars."

That’s because the Cannon camera is hard to find. Workers say they did not realize that the camera was a classic until somebody told them.

A woman in Austria won the camera through an auction on ShopGoodwill.com. She bid more than $4,600 for it. That money will help to Goodwill continue running some of their services.

Teynor says of Goodwill’s services, "We help people move into their own places, and help them find job placements with any services that they might need.”

Goodwill plans to ship the camera to Austria Monday morning. 


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